NEWS SITE. You might want to look at flashes instead. New news site is new.

News site back up again21.01.2021

z0r of the day:
Something went wrong on this site recently. It's not wrong anymore. Phew!

Catching up again06.02.2017

z0r of the day:
We're at 7911 now.
I need to make more images, i guess?

Also, ♥ JbpKiller

Up to 719904.08.2015

z0r of the day:
Your turn z0r.

Even more new images29.06.2015

z0r of the day:
Dozens, nay, hundreds of new images!

Manually handcrafted, wonderful images!
That was a week ago or so, and z0r has 100 new loops already...

why am i doing this

All those new images25.12.2014

z0r of the day:
Dozens, nay, hundreds of new images have been added! Gapless, thanks to a new method of image making that's almost painless to the one doing it!


Juice it or lose it!10.09.2014

z0r of the day:
We added additional juice today.

Because CSS3, you know.
21st century and all that stuff.

Also: A little secret for everyone actually reading the news!
Put a launch=??? parameter into the url to launch the site with a certain flashloop.
Put an f behind it to launch in fullscreen mode!

Minor improvements, new images29.11.2013

z0r of the day:
We've been adding new images, but that's boring.

More importantly: In perma mode, you can now go to the next or previous flashloop with one click each.

Also, black as flash background color.

z0r blocks hotlinking [in the past]03.07.2013

z0r of the day:
Hey there!

z0r has blocked hotlinking to their flashes.
Evil z0r! >.<

For now, you should use a browser plugin like smart referer or something.

UPDATE: eins is the man. We're back and fully functional. Thanks z0r!