HELP SITE. Read it to harness the power of the image index. Get it?

Need instuctions?

...yeah, it's dangerous to go alone.

Alright then, here's how to achieve the awesomeness.
First off, wait a little. Maybe a little longer. But that's up to you.
You can start off whenever you feel ready.

Then, simply do the following:

Hover over an image to start its flashloop.

Simple as that. Hover away and the flashloop will be all gone.

Click on an image to enable permanent mode

It will not stop until permanent mode is disabled or another image is clicked.

Permanent mode gives you a lot of features

The permanent mode was designed to give the possibility to play flashloops in the background, and to make interactive loops possible to use.
However, lots of features have found their way into it.
Under the flashloop, you see those options:

The Awesome Launcher

See that launcher in the upper right corner?
Enter an id in there and press return. Flash launched in permanent mode, achievement unlocked. Huzzah.
Pro Tip: Enter nothing and hit dat return key to launch a random flash. Yayness!

Size, size, and size

Since everyone knows that it IS size that matters, click on one of those nifty links in the upper left corner to change the size of all the preview images.
More images to be seen on screen equals more 1337ness.


Create a list of your favourite flashloops and send a link to your parents friends to show your awesome taste!
Hack this into your url bar:,id,id ... with "id" being an.. you know, id.
The site will not display all the loops anymore (way too mainstream), but rather only the select choice of yours.
Use an url shortener to prevent yourself from posting ridiculously long urls. Nobody likes that.

Reverse order reverses the order of the displayed images.
Useful for seeing the newest flashloops first.